1. Making some cards for my wedding! These babies may be for sale once things aren’t so hectic.



  3. certainlittlething:

    It hurts me a little to part with these. A nose, mouth, eye, ear, and hair for $150.

    Hi everyone! I’m selling some of my art I usually display in my house in preparation for the wedding. Click through to my Instagram to browse if you’re interested!


  4. certainlittlething:

    the four year old I take care of told me a story today, so I decided to share it with you with a little illustration. I’m pleased to present: Story Time with Spaceman!

    some extremely rough drawing to accompany a story told by my favorite little boy


  5. I’m hand-lettering my wedding invitations! Here’s a little jumbled preview :) 113 more days!





  9. mrsjohnson2013 said: Hi okay question. For your etsy shop, will any of your pieces be available in varying color schemes?

    I could probably arrange something if you have a request! :)